Our extensive experience in the industry has not encumbered us from being driven by a startup mindset, where boundaries are challenged, and roadblocks are viewed as opportunities for innovation. Our people are unconventional, passionate and creative. We bring a diverse set of talents and skills to the table to craft your personal wealth strategy. Integrity and trust is the foundation that underpins everything we do.



Managing Director

Since migrating to Australia in 2006, Chirag has built a multi-million dollar property portfolio. He believes that everyday people can build wealth and successfully transform their lives if they have the right coaching and support system.

His passion is to inspire people to reach their full potential. Over the last decade, he has coached and empowered many people transform and change the quality of their lives.

His system of breaking down complexities in investment into simple concepts has led many to make informed decisions, and be on their way to smashing their financial goals.

Chirag established this firm to inspire, educate and most importantly, to help people take action to invest. He handpicked experts from within and outside the industry to be disruptors, and make wealth building simple and accessible to everyday people.


Director of Research and Acquisition

Ying is a founding director of SONI Wealth. She heads up Research and Property Acquisition.

An architect by training with a Masters degree from the University of Melbourne, Ying entered the industry 5 years ago, guided by her passion for property and investment. She became a property investor at an early age. Since then, she has developed a wealth of knowledge as an active investor.

Ying started her career in the industry as a receptionist and quickly rose through the ranks, working across operations, customer service, marketing, property management and human resources.

As the Director of Research and Acquisition at SONI, she is dedicated to finding the best investment opportunities for our clients.


Wealth ConsultanT — PROPERTY

Maulik is passionate about property investment. He is an experienced investor himself. His philosophy of treating his clients investments as his own has made him a trusted consultant. He strongly believes in building long-term relationships with his clients.

Maulik met Chirag 5 years ago, who helped him transform his life. Since then, Maulik has made his investing dream a reality, increased his net worth and has worked under the mentorship of Chirag since 2015.

At SONI, Maulik is a Wealth Consultant, specializing in property investments. He is committed to help his clients in their wealth journeys with proven strategies and methodologies.